Welcome to StinkyFeet Athletics. We’re the runner’s retail outlet with a full kit of gear, gadgets, grit, and go-get-em — everything you need to gut it out and push forward… onward… upward. Run with purpose. Feed the journey. Go the distance. When you get there, you’ll thank your StinkyFeet.

Whether attempting to qualify for Boston or walk your first 5K, we’ll be right there with you- your guide, cheerleader, and resource. We support your journey with product selection and know-how and by plugging you in to the fitness community.

When you come to StinkyFeet, expect to meet a trainer who can put you into the right shoes and the right clothing — all the right gear for YOU and YOUR running style. We’ll also give you tips on how to run properly, to minimize impact and maximize power and endurance.

Our goal is to be more than a great specialty store. Our desire is to be YOUR running resource. Keep coming back and checking the website. Remember you can’t get stinky feet sitting on the couch!


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