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This blog is the journey of me, David Seago, as I navigate the world of husbandry, fatherhood, oral and maxillofacial surgery, small business owner and ironman triathlete. “All things are possible”, but you can’t do everything. Essentially I am attempting to bridge the gap of medicine, entrepreneur, and ministry while being the best husband and dad I can be.

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The Post Ironman Blues

  Its really common to experience the "blues" after a BIG event like an Ironman, marathon, expo, or any kind of "project". I have experienced it in the past and and am sure that its coming this time around. The question is why does it happen and how can I maybe prevent it.  I think it comes for a couple of reasons, one being phyisical, one being emotional and one being spiritual. Physical- our bodies have been through so much training over the last several months and are thoroughbred ...continue reading »

Wow what a weekend, Ironman Chattanooga 2014

I've had a few days to digest the weekend and all I can say is WOW! What an experience and journey I was not only able to participate but was able to be a spectator as som many of my friends and training partners finish a race that so few ever attempt. Memories from the weekend: I LOVE MY FAMILY- I cant say enough about how special it is to see my wife and kids out there experiencing the journey with me.  They say that triathlon is an individual sport but I completely disagree, there is no ...continue reading »

What!, I cant wear my running shoes for my non-running cardio?

I was havng a conversation with a guy lately and we were talking about shoe choices for exercise other than running.  I told him that his traditional runnung shoes weren't the option and he asked why?  I gave him the classic "mother to child" just because! The reality was that I thought I knew but I reallly didn't.   I did some research today and I have the scientific answer to the question. "Lightweight everyday sneakers aren't adequate for these kind of classes, and running shoes ...continue reading »

How We Develop Requires Intentional Choices

I read a blog post the other day by a guy I love to follow named Michael Hyatt. He wrote on 3 habits that develop character and he was spot on. I highly recommend reading it: http://michaelhyatt.com/3-forces-that-shape-character.html. In it he talked about 3 points that effect development: 1. Input We Consume Relationships We Pursue Habits We Acquire It made me think that this is true in all aspects of life. What are we "inputting" into our life.  What info, what social media, ...continue reading »

Don’t Settle

I have come to the realization lately that I too often settle for much less than what God has for me. Really what I settle for is God's blessings without experiencing God's presence in my life.  I know that sounds wierd and almost counter because if God blesses me then that is enough right? How can we experience the blessing without being with the giver? Its quite simple really. God loves us and wants to bless us regardless of whether or not I am seeking Him and abiding in His presence. This ...continue reading »

Are you Hungry?

I met a guy named John Adam Long this weekend at Tri4Life and he is an inspiration. I really dont know his story but this is what I saw, a guy who is phyiscally challenged without use of his legs and partial use of his upper extremities. He completed is first TRIATHLON this weekend. you heard me correct, a triathlon.  I got to know him a little more via his facebook page and all I can say is that this guy is a STUD! He refuses to allow his problems to stop him from obtaining the incredible.  One ...continue reading »


Read this morning in Romans about how our lives should be a "living sacrifice".  That when I think of all that He has done for me, it shouldn't be too much to ask. I forced myself this morning to really think about all the "things" that He has done for me.   He saved my life from a horrific accident 5 years ago He blesses me daily with an incredible wife Honors me with the opportunity to raise awesome kids I have to ability to practice oral surgery and genuinely help people Be ...continue reading »

EntreLeader Mentoring

I was having a conversation the other day with a guy about today's education and the disappointment that he felt in it. He made a comment that has stuck in my mind. The comment was "we arent educating people to be entrepeneurs". Not real sure why but it has really made me think and I have to say that I dont think it is possible to educate entrepeneurship. In my opinion entrepeneurs are born and mentored, you cant teach ambition, drive, focus, loyalty, dedication. All the things that in my ...continue reading »


I just got done reading a book called “Fearless”, it is the story of Seal Team Operator Adam Brown.  I have been brought to tears this morning while reading it.  It chronicles the life of a Navy Seal whose personal struggles and battles were as daunting as those he faced in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Go and read this book!




How many of us see our walk in this world as this picture depicts.  Do we see it as a battle against "the devil's schemes" as I read this morning in Ephesians.  Are we "in the fight" and girded up with "the full armor" of God.  The reality of our lives is that we are fighting whether we know it or not.  The "spiritual forces of evil" are fighting for our souls, our spouses souls, our children's souls, our co-workers souls, our enemies souls and it aint pretty. Really look at the picture, ...continue reading »