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On our visit last year, some words were spoken that have resonated with me ever since…..”Stacy, you are a Thoroughbred. Going full force in directions: some good, some ok, some a waste of time. But if not Bridled, you will loose focus as to where God wants you.”

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My Tri Journey

  Enjoy the Journey...isn't that our motto? What does that mean? I am certain it is very different to many, every journey is different. This quote has never meant more to me than at this time. Adding a new store out of town (spending lots of time in Starkville), raising 3 babies, trying to keep up the laundry (lawd have mercy), trying to sell our house, and trying to keep my head on straight..... so why not train for my 1st triathlon.... who needs sleep anyway?  Well, this training proved ...continue reading »