Gear, Gadgets, and Accessories

If you don’t already know it, even the best shoes need a great pair of socks in them. We carry Feetures, Swiftwick, and Balega brand socks, with lots of options in each brand.

Hats, visors and headbands
We carry the best visors and head bands that take care of the practical, keeping the sun out of your eyes or your hair pulled back, as well as being comfortable and fashionable.

“The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” — John Bingham

Safety gear
It’s imperative that you stay safe while training on the road. We have several different products to help you stay visible … from lights you can attached anywhere to lighted armbands and caps. Remember the old adage, “Just because you can see them doesn’t mean they can see you.”

High quality eyewear with UV protection is important. We carry a couple of brands that you won’t be disappointed with when you used them on your next training session.

Have you seen the GPS and heath monitoring technology that’s wrapped up in the latest watches? It’s quite impressive. Wear one when your out on a run, then when you’re done, you can check out not only your running path, but the stats for key points on your run and then use that date to improve your overall effectiveness.

We care about more than feet! We’ll keep you hands warm on those cold runs and blisters off when your biking. We’ve got specialized gloves for both.

Injury prevention/Workout recovery
We have the latest products that help you be as prepared as possible before you hit the asphalt as well as in the middle of a run to keep you going and when you’re drenched with sweat and feeling every bit of the workout you’ve just had.

Books & videos
Being well educated about proper techniques and methods is a vital step missed by many. We have a great selection of books and videos that will help fill your mind with good training to match the drive that’s in your heart and soul.

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